A Complete Guide to Kerbing Options in the Midlands

Kerbing, or curbing, is an integral part of landscaping, contributing not only to the aesthetic appeal of a property but also enhances its practical function. This guide will explore the plethora of kerbing options available to you in the Midlands to ensure you make a highly-informed decision fitting your specific home improvement project or renovation plans.

The Midlands is endowed with an array of kerbing professionals who offer a wide variety of kerbing options, each with distinctive advantages and aesthetics to ensure maximum satisfaction. The type of kerbing that works best for you will depend on the required function, style of your home, budget, and personal taste.

Traditional Kerbs

These are the most common type of kerbs used in the Midlands. They are made from concrete and provide excellent durability and strength. Traditional kerbs can withstand high loads making them suitable for roadsides, parking areas, or anywhere with heavy traffic. They come in a range of designs and can be painted to match the style of any property.

Natural Stone Kerbs

If you are looking to create a premium look, natural stone kerbs are a perfect option for you. These kerbs offer a unique blend of beauty and natural toughness. They are available in different textures and finishes: smooth, riven, rough-cut, or polished. Granite, limestone, and sandstone are the widely-used forms of natural stone kerbs. Although natural stone kerbs tend to be more expensive than their concrete counterparts, they are also more durable and can endure harsh weather conditions.

Block Paving Kerbs

Block paving kerbs are known for their versatility in design and are a popular choice in the Midlands for both kerbing midlands residential and commercial properties. They add an attractive border to driveways, patios, and other landscaping projects. These kerbs are available in a wide array of colours, styles, and finishes, allowing you to customise your kerbing to complement your landscaping design perfectly.

Resin-bound Kerbs

For those looking for an eco-friendly option, resin-bound kerbs are an ideal choice. These kerbs consist of natural aggregate, recycled glass, or quartz pieces, bound together with a clear UV resistant resin. This offers a smooth, durable surface that is permeable, allowing water to percolate through to the ground underneath, hence reducing surface water run-off and the risk of flooding.

Flush Kerbs

Flush kerbs are installed level with the surface to allow for smooth transitions from one area to another. This makes them a perfect fit for properties requiring wheelchair access or for commercial areas like shopping centres or supermarkets where trolleys need to be moved over them.

Considerations When Choosing Kerbing Options

When choosing the right kerbing option, it’s crucial to not only consider cost, but also design and durability. Your kerbs must be able to withstand the expected load. Durability is particularly important for kerbs in high traffic areas. Additionally, consider the paving that will go in between the kerbs, ensuring they complement each other well for a seamless look.

When it comes to installation, expert services are recommended. Specialist kerbing contractors in the Midlands are able to provide precise installation, professional finishes, and invaluable advice full of local knowledge.

In conclusion, the Midlands offer a rich variety of kerbing options suitable for all styles, budgets, and practical requirements. The crucial aspect is to choose the right option that meets your particular needs and to enlist the help of a trusted professional to realise your kerbing project to the highest standard.